Course Syllabus

Week 1
It all starts with a creative and mindful eye IN camera.  How to choose light that flatters your subject.  Spot Metering based on skin tone.  Setting custom white balance. RAW editing in Lightroom.  Understanding RGB channels.  Nailing proper exposure on skin every time.  Intro to adjustment brushes in Lightroom.

Week 2
Photoshop: Checking for blown highlights.  How to fix blown red channel.  Correcting color casts.  Intro to CMYK.  Checking skin tone basics & how to correct color imbalances. Understanding color profiles {color space}

Week 3
Understanding how to make CMYK method work for every skin tone from very light to very dark. Perfecting skin texture.

Week 4 | Expression
Correcting ‘imperfections’ acne, wrinkles, dark under eye circles, ruddy skin + how to make eyes pop, highlight hair, darken lashes/eye liner + putting it all together to create a stunning portrait.

Course Information

Skill Level:

Students must have knowledge of manual exposure and basic Lightroom, ACR, and Photoshop knowledge.

Camera/Lens, Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 or Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) {both programs are available via Creative Cloud for 9.99 a month}
Optional Materials: Expo Disc, Gray Card, or other white balance measuring tool

Course Summary:
Skin Deep is a guided workshop in which participants will gain the tools needed, both in camera, and post processing to perfect the art of gorgeous skin.

Workshop Dates

March 19 - April 15, 2017

Forum Member Registration: February 20, 2017

Public Registration Opens: February 27, 2017

Full Participation


Study Along


I am a self taught photographer with a love for helping other photographers find what lights their fire, and then providing the tools to help that passion burn!
I am a wife to a heavy metal loving sports nerd, and Mama to two wild and perfect little girls.

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Summer's Skin Deep was such an awesome class! Even as a study along student, I gained so much solid, helpful information from her detailed PDFs. It was also really helpful to see her interaction with the full participation students. She was an active instructor who clearly cared about her craft and the skills she was passing on to the participants. If understanding how to acheive beautiful skin tones is something you struggle with, this class is a game changer.

- Kate Densmore

Summer's Skin Deep class was a complete eye-opener and game changer for me. She had so much patience with my million questions and really walked me through what needed to be done step by step. After learning her amazing techniques to perfect skin, I was completely shocked (and slightly embarrassed) at the difference in my photos. The skills I've learned in this class will forever be a part of my workflow. For all of this, I couldn't recommend her class enough!

- Stephanie Mason

I cannot recommend this class enough! When scrolling through social media, I always knew it was Summer's images because of the emotion captured in her images as wel as her perfect skin tones. I mean PERFECT! I was super excited when I found she was going to teach a class. I honestly think everyone should take this class, she had such a great teaching style, not to mention how much she went above and beyond to help everyone too. The class was packed with great videos, materials, and examples. I learned so much in such a short time and I actually need to review the materials again to soak up some more! Seriously, you need this class!

- Indira Klotzer