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Jenny Cruger

Jenny Cruger
Jenny Cruger Photography


Areas you serve:
Nashville, TN (middle, TN)

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I’m almost 30 and live just South of Nashville, TN with my husband (high school sweetheart!), our 4 year old, baby on the way, and 3 rescue dogs. I love all things simple, pretty, natural, and organic and that’s carried over into the work that I do as well.


How did you get started in photography?:
I began learning film in high school in our photography classes, but never imagined I would make that my full time career choice. It wasn’t until years later that I picked up a digital camera (I use both now, but mainly digital) and began really finding my style and business.


What do you shoot?:
I photograph maternity, newborn, baby, child, and family sessions primarily.


Who or what inspires you?:
Lots of things…textures, neutral colors, light, a child’s innocence and wonder, new life, real emotion.


What kind of camera bag do you carry and what’s in it?:
I have a Ketti bag and a Kelly Moore bag they carry: Canon Mark 5D Mark iii & Mark ii, and 35L, 50L, 85L, 100L, and 135L lenses. My film camera is a Canon EOS3.


What are some of your favorite photography products?:
Oh I love products! There’s nothing like getting a real photograph into a client’s hands. I’m a huge fan of session albums and fine art prints!


Three random things about yourself:
I’m vegan, I’m afraid of the dark, I love to be alone (just not the dark 🙂 )


Best piece of advice you’ve received?:
You can’t make everyone happy, so just work hard making those who matter happy.


Any advice you’d like to share?:
Photograph only what you love. It makes a difference in your work and your business.


Mac or PC? Photoshop or Lightroom?:
PC (my husband works for Dell) and I use both Lightroom and Photoshop (but most of my editing is done in PS).


Where else can we find you on the web?:
I update my blog often;
I’m also active on The Bloom Forum and teaching a workshop there at the end of September.

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