Is Fuji 400H right for you? | Exploring Color Negative Film

Is Fuji 400h right for you?

You must have heard many film photographers rave about Fuji 400h, and it is making you especially anxious to try one for yourself.  Before you do, let’s take a look at different looks of Fuji 400h.

I have to admit, as much as I shoot with Portra 400, I still think Fuji 400h is a film stock that produces beautiful colors like no other.  It is known as one of the film stocks to render perfectly soft skin tones while maintaining vivid color saturation.  As with all film stocks, light plays a major part in creating the image you want.  A Fuji 400h shot in open shade can look totally different when it’s shot in full sun.  In fact, the film stock format, the equipment you use, the film lab that processes the film and how you stored your film all play a part in how the image will look at the end.  This makes shooting film quite a difficult feat, isn’t it?

To help you out, I thought it would be helpful for you all to see how we can all use the same film stock and yet have diverse color differences.  Here are some examples of Fuji 400h images taken by several of our forum members in different lighting situations.

400 film Heather Chang 1


Heather Chang


400h Debbie Vd Schyff

Debbie Vd Schyff


400h gretchen willis 2

400h Gretchen willis

Gretchen Willis


400h Jacklyn Shepard

Jaclyn Shepard


©400h Kerry Lake

Kerry Lake


©-joyce kang400h-000098370028001

Joyce Kang


400h NicoleLattanzi-000083860018

Nicole Lattanzi


As if having various lighting doesn’t complicating things enough, let’s throw in some images that have been pushed two stops during development.  As you can see by pushing film in development, you increase its contrast and saturation as well.  Do you see how these look compare to those above?



Joyce Kang



Amy Bethune

Blog Contributor and Writer:  Joyce Kang

Joyce Kang is a fine art lifestyle children & family photographer in Austin Texas.  She is also a mentor and a film workshop instructor for Embrace The Grain at In Beauty and Chaos.  She is married to her best friend and enjoys outdoors with her family.  She loves to curl up with a good book and has a terrible addiction to any thing that tops with a heaping scoop of ice cream!

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