Boost Your Confidence by Picking the Best Accessories for Your Brand

I love the feeling I get when I find that one perfect accessory that pulls my entire outfit together. My confidence level skyrockets and I feel like nothing can stop me. It’s those little boosts of confidence that help you nail that interview, get that job, or find that client.

Creating a strong brand for your business is like finding that perfect outfit.


Imagine you’re standing in front of the mirror in that perfect outfit. Everything fits just right, it’s comfortable, attractive, and it really speaks to your personality. Maybe a little playful, but still in control, or maybe adventurous and spontaneous. You feel confident because what you are wearing personifies you in a way that makes you happy. The perfect outfit actually does help you conquer the world, because it helps people see a little bit of who you are.

Now imagine those same feelings when you look at your brand. Everything about your brand should make you feel more like you, and it should give the outside world a glimpse of who you are. And when your ideal client sees your brand, they will immediately identify with it, and you.  Besides just ‘feeling right’, the right brand does 3 things to help build your confidence and your business:

  1. When you have have a strong brand, it makes it easier to ensure all of your marketing is consistent. You know your brand colors, fonts, look and feel. Consistently using those elements becomes second nature. Your confidence builds as your gorgeous website, beautiful welcome packet, and even the perfect ribbon for your packaging all come together to really solidify your brand.
  2. A strong brand makes it easier to connect with your ideal client. There is no better way to build confidence than when someone reaches out to you and tells you that the words you used, or the look and feel of your website, really resonated with them. When you have the right brand, selling becomes easier, and people want to connect with you.
  3. A strong brand ensures you get the right clients, who become happy clients. Your brand will help attract the right clients who not only need and want your service, they want it from you. When you have the right brand, you attract the right clients, and these clients enjoy working with you and love your work. They tell their friends about you and usually end up returning year after year. When you have the right clients, your work is more fun, the results are more appreciated, and your business grows. It’s the ultimate confidence booster.

This all sounds great, but how do you find that perfect brand?

Your first goal should be to find your unique voice. A great place to start is to look at your photographic style. Do you like posed family portraits, or capturing candid moments at special events. Are you playful and vintage or sleek and modern? Your photographic style can help you hone in on your unique voice.

Now try writing down words that really speak to your photographic style. These first two steps alone can really help you not only find that unique voice, but uncover how to verbalize it. To help you get started, download my free guide: Starting Your Brand Discovery.

Always keep in mind that finding that perfect brand takes time and work, but the effort is well worth the payoff of a thriving business and a more confident you. And don’t forget to seek help. With the right support team, and a designer that understands your personal style, you can start creating a strong identity that will bring your clients back year after year! Start creating the perfect outfit for your brand and see what a difference it makes.


Laura-biobubbleLaura James has been a graphic designer and branding consultant for over 10 years, and photography fanatic even longer than that. She currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California. When not blogging and designing, Laura is a military wife and mother who enjoys taking time out in life to have fun with her family, travel the country, and try out all sorts of DIY projects!


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